Will You Be The Next Success Story?


“Sonya gives people the knowledge, understanding, and insights they need to take back their lives. She is one of the people I am most grateful for. Thank you Sonya for what you do/did, and keep saving lives! “


“Sonya is an incredible mentor and Life Coach. She is so knowledgeable in Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse! Being a survivor herself, she understands and is so supportive. Sonya is dedicated to help us if we are ready to help ourselves. Overcoming the abuse isn’t easy yet coaching with Sonya helped me “Get it” and thrive to the next level of inner peace and freedom.”


“My life has changed because Sonya taught me so much about Narcissistic Personality disorder and getting my life back. I can now process what I went through and what I’ve experienced! My life has completely changed for the better in every way! Sonya explained the steps on how to overcome and how to heal. Sonya is a phenomenal listener and truly cares about your growth and recovery.”


“I get a lot of help from your group coaching classes. It’s totally different from what I’m getting from my therapist and I see why now. I was in a very bad place. Thank you, I appreciate you so much.”


“Really enjoyed last night’s group coaching session! Sonya, thank you for all your hard work and dedication for helping to heal others. You truly are a ray of sunshine in my cloudy days and I truly appreciate you. I feel very proud of myself now and I know inside, I won’t turn back.”


“Thank you for being so welcoming in the group, Sonya. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Now I’m focused on healing and personal growth. I’m doing very well now, all good things!”

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