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As a little girl, I’ve always loved to make a positive impact on other people and the world around me. I thought if I could do more and be more, I could make those around me happy. From achieving honor roll in grade school to jetting off to England for my undergrad or Spain for my Master’s degree, I’ve always been optimistic, independent, and strived to “do the right thing”.

As an adult based in New York City, I rose to the top levels of my career in the fashion industry. One week I’d be working in Hong Kong, and the next in Tunisia or Copenhagen. From Berlin to New York, some of my best memories are from front row or backstage at fashion shows or trade shows in Barcelona or Istanbul. I’ve also always had a passion for education. In NYC, I taught at two liberal arts colleges as a professor while mentoring at children’s education charities.

Although I’d had a successful career, I noticed many of my personal relationships (friends, family, and romantic relationships) left me puzzled about love and the meaning of reciprocity in relationships. I questioned:

Why did loving someone else mean I couldn’t honor my own needs?
Why is it that the more I give, the more I am rejected or less accepted?
Why was it hard for me to break away from emotionally abusive relationships?
Why was the love I was getting and accepting making me feel inadequate and confused?

Having a great career was no longer enough. After years of hard work, a lucrative career, an auto-immune condition that resulted in a stem cell transplant, taking care of others many times while neglecting parts of myself, and unknowingly living in fight or flight mode from narcissistic abuse and emotional abuse, I had a spiritual and emotional awakening.

I realized I had been dealing with emotional abusers and narcissists almost my entire life. I had been the perfect target (narcissistic supply). I was a giver, empathic, strong, people-pleasing, resilient (I’d keep trying to make things right), determined, and most of all, I had a need to prove my worth through doing.

In every way, I found myself exhausted, and I knew I needed a change. I found a therapist with whom I was able to talk through my childhood into adulthood and be understood. I started working with a coach and was able to learn how to set boundaries, take radical personal responsibility, realize my inherent worth (without the constant doing), start putting my needs first, let go of ruminating thoughts, and rebalance my life through consistent, actionable steps.

Today, I am a smiling survivor and thriver! I now know everything I’ve done or been through, from the amazing to the most challenging, has led me right here. Every day I wake up with gratitude! I love that I get to educate and inspire people just like you to live a life they love through emotional and spiritual healing.


My Approach

One of my favorite quotes of all time is “It All Starts With You”, by Trent Shelton. My approach to coaching is centered around teaching you how to take the emphasis off the narcissist or emotional abuser and put it back on you! I will help you break through trauma bonds, limiting beliefs, or any low-level emotions you may be experiencing like fear, shame, blame, low self-esteem, or guilt that may be holding you back. I believe inner peace is the “new” success!

My Moments