Are They A Narcissist Quiz
To determine if you’re in close relation to an emotional abuser or narcissistic abuser, take our Narcissist Quiz. Consider which of these behaviors you experience on a regular basis. Each time you answer “yes” give yourself 1 point. If you have five points or more, you’re most likely dealing with a narcissist. NOTE: This test does not clinically diagnose a person of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).
1. Does the person always put their needs and priorities first?
2. Does the toxic person respond in a way that makes you question your own thoughts, memories, and events occurring around you? And yet are the tables turned when you bring up a valid complaint, leading you to forget the issue and focus instead on your own behavior?
3. If you disagree with an opinion or decision, are you called disloyal, negative or antagonistic?
4. Are you made to doubt your simple actions, your own personal choices, or your own opinions?
5. Do you find yourself taking the blame for things that aren’t your fault with them?
6. Do you find yourself apologizing a lot?
7. When your friends or family members express concerns about what’s happening, do you defend the abuser or come up with excuses for their behavior?
8. Have you forgiven this person more than once for massive betrayals, lies, cheating, or abuse?
9. Does this person behave negatively towards you, but pleasant towards others? And, when you ask for the same treatment, are you told you’re the only person who has a problem with them? Or you are told you are just too sensitive?
10. Have you lost your identity, ambitions, values, and beliefs?
11. Do you feel belittled, devalued, or dismissed?
12. Are you made to feel that you’re too much or not enough?
13. Is your voice not heard, validated or welcome in the relationship?
14. Do you feel used, exhausted or drained after an encounter with them?
Total up your points from the quiz. If you said “yes” to five or more questions in our Narcissist Quiz, you’re probably suffering from narcissistic abuse. This isn’t where your journey ends. You can get out of the abuse cycle! Contact us today to get started on your healing journey.
Should You Consider Coaching For Help?

Stabilizing your life after abuse can be difficult. Figuring out you are dealing with a manipulator, a liar, and many times a Covert Narcissist can be heartbreaking and so over-whelming. The narcissist or emotional abuser has spent years slowly chipping away at your sense-of-self and spirit. The mental and physical pull back to the emotional abuser is real and almost impossible to overcome alone. Coaching that specializes in narcissistic abuse recovery is one of the best investments of time and resources we can make when we are hurting, upset and confused. Recovery coaching gives you support and reassurance along with action plans to take your life back out of the abusers control. I whole heartedly believe both therapy AND coaching is needed to fully heal. If you’re not sure which is right for you or when you should do one over the other, I am happy to provide insight and help you access the resources you need.

I know when I was where you are now, I was searching for answers while trying to figure out what was happening (and why). At some point, many people hit a wall with therapy, and that is not a bad thing. When that happened to me, the best thing I ever did was start working with a recovery coach. As your coach, I offer my clients a “no judgment” safe place to heal.

Victims of narcissistic abuse can use coaching to put the pieces back together. I help you grasp your current situation, set new healthy boundaries, re-gain mental clarity, and navigate the following situations:

Break-Ups / Narcissistic Relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, coworkers / Exit Plans / Heal Co-dependency / Post-Abuse Recovery Phase / Divorce / Co-Parenting

If you feel like it’s time to break the cycle of abuse, heal, and thrive more than you ever have before, I’d love to join you on your healing journey! Take the Narcissist Quiz above, and following please book a discovery call so we can start on the journey of healing.