Group Coaching

Our Group Life Coaching helps you take actionable steps to heal from toxic relationships. Specifically from a Narcissist Ex / emotional abuser Ex partner.

Our group leader Sonya Holley, a certified Life Coach, Researcher and Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse and Emotional Abuse.

The ideal members for this group are no longer in crisis mode. They’re not suicidal, emotionally shut down or still overly obsessed with their narcissist ex (well not like you used to be). They realize the toxicity of the narcissist is no longer what they want for their lives. They are ready to put the focus on their own healing and well-being.

However, this group is for members who were lied to, betrayed, and abused by narcissists and are still on their healing journeys. This group is for anyone in the process of rebuilding their self-worth, self-esteem, health, personal and professional life.

If you are currently in talk therapy, had tons of therapy before or might go to therapy, this group still is for you. The Life Coaching in this group focuses on your current life and future. We support each other in taking action steps and moving on to successful lives and healthy relationships.

The group is a mix of education, inspiration and motivation

Our events will be online and in-person. You have many options on how best you can jump in: group coaching, our resources website, private coaching online meet-up & in person events!

More about Group Coaching

Members are coached by mini-courses, seminars, recovery classes and master classes to raise their self-awareness with real-time tips of how to stop getting hurt repeatedly by narcissists or emotional abusers. You’ll get crucial insight on other’s experiences and it will be validating and eye- opening. The group life coaching sessions are on popular topics like Healing From Narcissistic Abuse, Letting Go of Toxic Relationships, Enforcing Boundaries, Gaslighting, Love Bombing, Identifying Red Flags, Healing the Subconscious Mind, Tips on Exit Plans, Healing Childhood Trauma, and so much more! Contact us to get started on your healing journey with us today.




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