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Inner Peace is the "New" Happiness

Narcissistic abuse or emotional abuse can be one of the most traumatizing things to ever happen in our lives. You feel confused, distraught and sometimes powerless. The hurt we endure from the emotional rollercoaster of pathological behavior and unfair treatment from narcissists and emotional abusers can feel completely overwhelming. Even our self esteem can be affected.

I’ve endured narcissistic abuse and emotional abuse in my life. I know what it feels like to ‘walk on egg shells’ while trying to make dysfunctional relationships work. After ‘doing the work’ of inner reflection, healing my codependency, learning to set and enforce boundaries- I realized we can compromise many things in relationships, but we should never compromise who we are.

Healthy relationships are based on true understanding, stability, loyalty, authentic connection and transparency. I now help clients break free from trauma bonds of intimate partner, family, friends and other toxic relationships. It’s time to break the cycle. I am ready to help you heal and start living a life that is open to new possibilities, healthy love and exciting purpose!

Sonya Holley

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach
Life Coach

Sonya Holley

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach
Life Coach

Client Success Stories

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"Sonya gives people the knowledge, understanding, and insights they need to take back their lives from emotional abusers. She is amazing and one of the people I am most grateful for. Thank you Sonya for what you do/did, and keep saving lives!"


"Sonya is an incredible mentor and Life Coach. She is so knowledgeable in Narcissistic Abuse! Being a survivor herself, she understands and is so supportive. Sonya is dedicated to help us if we are ready to help ourselves. Overcoming the abuse isn’t easy yet coaching with Sonya helped me "Get it" and thrive to the next level of inner peace and freedom."


"My life has changed because Sonya taught me so much about Narcissistic Personality disorder. I can now process what I went through and what I've experienced! Sonya explained the steps on how to overcome and how to heal. Sonya is a phenomenal listener and truly cares about your growth and recovery."


"Going through my divorce from a narcissistic spouse- Sonya gave me instrumental tips and verbiage of how to describe the emotional abuse I endured to my lawyers. Sonya was crucial in my transition from the marriage into the separation! She's the best! Sonya, thank you for everything!"

4 Stages of Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

How it works?

You’ve learned you are likely dealing with a Narcissist or emotional abuser. The feeling of “not being enough”, exhausted trying to make things right, and even being fearful to stand up for yourself can be stressful and cause anxiety or even sometimes PTSD. Although healing can be an ongoing process- there are 4 Major Stages.

Ready to Start?

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Detox from Unhealthy Love

Now that you physically and emotionally have suffered for so long, you know you can’t go on like this. In coaching you will learn insight on your trauma bond, and start to unravel the brain fog and confusion around what happened. I will guide you through No Contact or Extremely Limited Contact with toxic people in your life, and help you detox your life so you can start your new healing journey.

Rebuilding YOU & Personal Responsibility

It’s time to take a deep dive into your life from childhood into adulthood. We look into your environment growing up, past relationships, and discuss your current relationships and your life in general. I also help you to deal with complex emotions from the abuse. We start to heal your subconscious mind. This is really where the hard work begins.

Renewing and Restoring

Your self awareness, self love, and self worth is at the forefront and you now see YOU again through healthy eyes, not from the eyes of the abuser. In this stage, you have boundaries AND you enforce them when needed. You finally fully acknowledge what you went through. You are finally feeling acceptance and have become proud of your strength and courage.

Acceptance & Inner Peace

You finally feel free and empowered. You love the people around you and they love you back in healthy ways. You're re-acquainted with your authentic self and feel confident in your abilities. You enjoy newfound happiness and inner peace. Now you are using the tools you've been given in my coaching to live a life where you can help others and develop healthy relationships.

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is a soul-crushing form of trauma because it slowly builds up like an avalanche. Many times people stumble onto Narcissistic Abuse after researching the hard to explain emotional exhaustion of their relationships. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) can be hard to pin down when trying to figure out what is “wrong with them”. People with NPD can be emotionally, verbally, financially, psychologically, and physically abusive towards those closest to them. Narcissists tend to have many secrets and wear multiple masks. Discovering who (or what) you have been dealing with can take years to finally figure out- especially if you were dealing with a Covert Narcissist. This type of narcissist goes “under the radar” and is very hard to detect.

Narcissists live in what is called a Narcissistic Abuse Cycle.

The narcissistic abuse cycle is a pattern of highs and lows in which the narcissist confuses their target through manipulation and calculated behaviors aimed at making their partner question themselves and self worth. The cycle has three specific phases: Idealization (or Love Bombing), Devaluation, and Rejection (or Devaluation). From pathological lying and mind games, to being downright cruel at times and selfish, narcissists can have an arsenal of tactics they use to keep their targets under their power and control.

With guidance, willingness and courage to heal, narcissistic abuse can actually be the catalyst of truly loving yourself completely for the first time in your entire life!

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